Eatery - Bruxie [Brea] (CA)

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215 W Birch St, Ste 1, Brea, CA 92821
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Sandwiches, Desserts

Alright I've definitely posted about Bruxie twice now [here and here] BUT not about the one that opened in Brea Downtown fairly recently. I think it deserves a separate post because though it's the same restaurant, it had a much larger menu and space. I mean, look at the storefront picture - it's huge! It's not the shack that we know and love sitting near Chapman University. It's set on a casual street lined with various eateries and niche shops. I quite like that downtown area as it has TAPS and Yard House (hoorah Happy Hours!) so here was another fantastic addition to the good eats.

So which glorious waffle sandwich did I choose to treat my tastebuds with on this trip? The smoked salmon sandwich with its delicately sliced cucumber, rich dill cream cheese, and a whole lot of melt-in-your-mouth salmon. It was smoky heaven. The dill paired with the smooth taste of the salmon so well. It's risen near the top of my list of favorite sandwiches here.

My friend got the turkey club sandwich, a hearty looking thing with quite the handful of sliced turkey breast. She asked them to remove the bacon as she doesn't eat red meats so I can't even imagine what type of monstrosity this huge sandwich is WITH bacon. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes kept it from being overloaded with meat as well as thick slices of avocado. The pesto really brought it all together in a delectable sandwich.

Of course, you can't go to Bruxie without snagging a dessert. We decided on the lemon meringue waffle since we hadn't seen it on the Orange menu. It was tart and tingly; the waffle was a nice crispy shell for the curd inside. I also loved how they innovatively used toasted marshmallows to imitate the meringue part of its namesake. Well done - not too sweet and not too tart. I'll have to get one of these again sometime!