Eatery - Bruxie (CA)


292 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Sandwiches, Desserts

I never knew what the fuss about chicken and waffles was - I didn't really leave my trip at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (a while ago) with any mindblowing memories. My friend told me that I needed to go to Bruxie though so I figured, hey, why not? I looked it up and the savory and sweet menu options seemed quite interesting. The first thing you notice when you get there is that it's a food stand with outdoor seating. Pretty neat off of Old Towne Orange.

I started off with a drink of their Black Cherry Soda, which appeared on their seasonal menu. Their sodas are made with pure cane sugar and are put together when ordered with syrup and soda water (from what I gathered). It was a bit sweet but the fizziness helped mellow that part out because I wasn't taking major sips from the drink. I really liked it, particularly because I love black cherry anything.

My savory waffle sandwich was their season Roasted Wild Mushroom which was filled with mushrooms, goat cheese, fresh arugula, and balsamic reduction. I've got to say that the arugula seemed really fresh - I loved it! There was a huge amount of it, and the balsamic really accentuated the mushrooms. The only thing was that towards the end, the goat cheese got a little bit overbearing from having so much of it but the sandwich was fantastico.

My friends got the pastrami (seasonal) and the buttered fried chicken sandwiches. I liked the pastrami a lot (then again, I love pastrami in general) and the fried chicken was pretty good. It wasn't what you would think of when you hear the phrase "fried chicken;" rather, it was a slice of chicken breast with a thin layer of crispy batter around it. They also all got waffle fries which I found to be fairly salty but perfectly crunchy and full of potato.

We ended with our dessert dishes. I had ordered a Liege waffle with Nutella for sauce. It was quite thick and covered in powdered sugar. After having eaten so much, the dessert waffle was a tad overbearing and sweet so I had to share it with everyone else. We also shared a large container of the best custard I've had before because of its thick creaminess. Eventually I dropped some into my soda cup just so I could have a float of some sort. It was a great place to go for dinner though I won't make it too much of a habit considering the dent in my wallet from the $8+ sandwich!