Eatery - Pogi Boy Truck

Orange County, CA
Pricing - $ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Filipino, Food Truck

I had the opportunity to try some of the food from the Pogi Boy Truck at an open house last week. They didn't have every single one of their normal offerings but it was pretty much a lot of their foods. I ended up getting a few things (why not? it was free!). By the way, their website is adorable.


The first one was the chicken adobo taco ("topped with pea sprouts, creamy coleslaw, cotija cheese, and signature Pogi sauce"). I really enjoyed the sauce and greenery but the chicken adobo was a tad salty for my taste. The second was by the order-taker's suggestion of the beefsteak taco ("topped with bean sprouts, crema fresca and green onions") and was, I think, the better of the two. The fresh bean sprouts were a tad out of place but the beef was well cooked and seasoned.


Last was their Little Man Slider ("savory ground pork sliders topped with creamy coleslaw, signature Pogi Boy sauce, and a butter pickle") which reminded me of a Vietnamese dish. The ground pork was quite good but nothing absolutely special. Overall, everything was alright but nothing super extraordinary.