Eatery - Naf Naf Grill (IL)

5716 W Touhy Ave, Niles, IL 60714
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Middle Eastern

I'm not sure if you could consider this place a chain since there are 3 locations around but since it was new to me, I'll go ahead and give it a review (I don't like reviewing chains though). I had a friend I wanted to meet up with with whom I play video games; he actually didn't live directly in Chicago so we picked this central point restaurant to dine at for our meeting. I immediately liked the modern decor inside, particularly because it favored orange and white (like my blog!).


He recommended the schnitzel though I guess that's the only thing he gets. I had it in a pita, and boy was that thing delicious. Schnitzel is chicken breast that has been pounded flat and coated with a flour-egg-breadcrumb mixture before being deep-fried and coated with sesame seeds. It was fantastically crisp with still some juiciness in the chicken. All the veggies inside too really brought to life the flavors of the sauce. I really liked it. Also, the pita bread was just oh-so-fluffy and delectable.


I also got the falafel in a pita. I'm a huge fan of falafel when done well, and this was probably the best falafel I've had. It was still a tad salty as I've noticed falafel tends to be but much less than its counterparts at other restaurants. The outside was crunchy but the inside moist and flavorful. It wasn't chalky tasting either; everything blended together well and with purpose. Again, loved the vegetables and sauce that were used inside.


It was a good meal and a fun first meeting with my friend. It looks a tad like just a fast food place (and has the prices of one!) but a little classier. A definitely casual dining experience but with superb, classy food.