Eatery - Dogzilla Truck (CA)

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Orange County, CA
Pricing - $ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Hot Dogs, Food Truck

I had the opportunity to try some of the food from the Dogzilla Truck at an open house last week. They had their three typical dogs available: the Dogzilla, the Furikake, and the Yakisoba. Not feeling noodle-y, I opted for the first two which they kindly cut in half for me since I was sharing with Duc. It was funny because the guy taking the order asked for my name which a lot of people misspell anyhow; when he heard it, he turned to Duc and was like, "what's your name instead?" He was a fun guy - I saw him walking around the open house event looking for people to give their orders to instead of just standing by his truck waiting for them to come back.

Anyhow, the Dogzilla was an "all beef frank topped with avocado, grilled onions, bacon bits, Furikake seasoning, Japanese mayo, and teriyaki sauce" while the Furikake was a "spicy hot link topped with grilled onions, spicy Japanese mayo blend, teriyaki sauce, Furikake seasoning, [and] Nori strips." First of all, I love their logo - it's so awesome. I had to take the picture with the business card next to the hot dogs. Alright so the Dogzilla was fairly good but I was having a bit of trouble getting used to the fact that the bun was that sweet Asian bread instead of what I think of when I imagine a hot dog bun. It didn't do it for me BUT the Furikake was fantastic. While the hot link itself wasn't all that spicy, the spicy mayo brought a kick to the mouth. I loved the mix of the mayo with teriyaki sauce because I then had a savory but fiesty sauce coating my huge weiner (ba dum tsh!). The perfectly grilled onions gave the overall dog a sweetness that made the spiciness bearable. Loved it. I guess I'll have to try the Yakisoba next time!