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7232 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA 90621
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Indian

I went here with Duc to redeem a Groupon he had purchased since we both enjoy Indian food a lot. What we didn't expect was that the place wasn't a full-on restaurant but was actually a food service area inside of an Indian supermarket. We had $20 to spend and considering how cheap the food was, it was a stretch to get us there. We ended up with two combo 3s (2 meats, 1 veggie, rice, and raita) and two drinks (mango lassi and their fresh lime soda). We also upgraded to their garlic naan.

The garlic naan was pretty dang tasty. We could smell it across the way once we had sat down (they needed more time to make it than the rest of our food which was in hot water baths already). It was a lot of naan too! Crisp but soft in the middle, garlicky but fresh with cilantro, it was great.


Duc chose to go with fried chicken, chicken tikka masala, and a vegetable curry for his. My combo had lamb curry, saag, and chicken tikka masala. I'd have to say that the tikka masala was the best of everything we had gotten because the sauce was superb. I mean, for the type of eatery it was, that was some creamy and delicious stuff! Unfortunately, the chicken was much too overcooked. The rice tasted old too. I liked my saag but it was much spicier than I was used to so I couldn't even finish it. Duc really liked his vegetable curry and the tikka masala sauce as well but that was about it. As for the drinks, the mango lassi was pretty good but the fresh lime soda was quite awkward in taste. I almost thought I tasted eggs.

Perhaps we came on an off-day though since the Yelp reviewers rave quite a bit about this place. We should come back another time to give it another shot...or at least to load up on the delicious chicken tikka masala sauce.