Eatery - Renato's Restaurant (CA)

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15383 Brookhurst St, Westminster, CA 92683
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Italian

My friend had mentioned Renato's to me one day as a good place for Italian according to his dad; later research on Yelp showed good ratings. We went there one night to check it out, and it really is in the middle of Vietnamese food places, tucked away in the back of a Vietnamese plaza.

We started with an appetizer of their fried calamari. The sauce was pretty good and the calamari itself nicely soft but crunchy. I didn't have too much since I had a sore throat at the time so it was a tad hard to eat. My starter for my meal was minestrone soup which was rather uninspired and thin.


My dinner was their linguine con funghi (mushrooms) which came quite presentable enough. Linguine tossed with mushrooms, tomatoes, large garlic slices, fresh chopped parsley, and olive oil, it was a simple dish. It could've had flair but it really just remained a simple dish. I actually found it to be too oily and dressed with too much parsley. It wasn't bad but it sure didn't impress me. Duc had the Rigatoni Renato which was alright too.

On a whim, I figured we should have a dessert so ordered the tiramisu. It was actually quite good being light and airy but also with enough substance to taste the sweetness. The coffee-soaked lady fingers shone through and the chocolate syrup on top not too rich. I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it didn't make up for the lackluster food in general. Nothing was terrible but nothing was wow-ful either. My guess is that all of the amazed reviews were relative to the location...?