Eatery - The Queen's Bakery (CA)

2950 Grace Ln, Ste A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Bakeries, American

First of all, this place is quite a surprise amidst the industrial buildings on the same street. I knew from the Yelp pictures that it was supposed to be girly inside but from the outside? It was hard enough to find the street.

However, once you step inside, you can see the girliness that makes it a definite bakery. I came here for lunch with Duc after having purchased a certificate on Voice Daily Deals. It granted us two drinks and two sandwiches so we looked carefully at the foods they were providing instead of browsing the baked goods. I settled on the turkey basil pesto and he on the La Reina. For drinks, I opted for an iced chipotle mocha latte with soymilk and he for the Duchess Grey tea. Then we turned to find a suitable place to sit; we ended up on an overstuffed seat with a tall backing. Again, excess as indicated by the name.

Our drinks came out first. I was rather unimpressed by the chipotle mocha unfortunately. The chili cut through the chocolate way too much. I would suggest that they use a much darker and more bitter cocoa and definitely less spice. The two are supposed to play off of each other's flavors but instead, I got afterburn (spice-wise). I couldn't enjoy the drink. As for the tea, it was alright.


The sandwiches came out with their sides of salads (already dressed) and dipping sauce. The sauce definitely did not pair well with either of our sandwiches. Mine had turkey breast, sundried tomatoes, provolone, basil, and pesto. Though it was made up of delicious-sounding things, there was just a "wow" factor missing. The La Reina was the better of the two, made of pulled roast beef, a tomato onion sauce, provolone, cilantro, and onions. It was quite savory, and the cilantro added a nice fresh note to the sandwich, playing off of the natural acidity in tomatoes. We both agreed that the overall meal was just so-so. We would've given the baked goods a chance (it is a bakery after all) but none looked appealing. I think it's merely a place for girls to feel girly and "pampered" by their surroundings - not my kind of thing. However, it wasn't terrible, hence the 3 stars.