Eatery - Taps Fish House & Brewery (CA)

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101 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual, Dressy Casual | Cuisine - Seafood

My friends and I actually came here because one of them is obsessed with Portola Coffee Lab and heard that there was a collaboration between the coffee place and Taps Brewery. It was for a mocha stout. Being the stout lover I am, I gladly joined in on the fun as the seven of us went for some beer and appetizers. I was starving so was very glad for the very delicious bread and balsamic/EVOO dip.  The mocha stout was very strong on the coffee side of it and less so on the chocolate; it was pretty decent but not something I'd choose to have often.

Since we had caught on during Happy Hour, we decided to grab some small plates as the general dinner entrees were a tad pricey. We were also sitting outside in the outdoor bar area so there was definitely a different atmosphere than inside. I guess we were there at Taps Brewery rather than the Fish House. Anyhow, our first order was for the housemade chips which I honestly could've done without. Usually when I get housemade chips at a place, they still have a bit of potato "meat" to them but these were the real deal in terms of thinness as chips. That's not bad on their part but I suppose I was just expecting something else.

The star small plate items were the ceviche tostadas. Oh my goodness, I'm eating dinner right now but I already want the tostadas again. I don't know what godly recipe they used but these sent me into a food bliss. The ceviche had a great amount of flavor/tang/citrus/everything. Loved them immensely and for $3 for two during Happy Hour, fantastic.

By the recommendation of our waitress, we got the fish tacos. I thought they were a tad salty but hey, the guacamole was good. I'm coming back for Taps' Happy Hour for sure and maybe one day when my wallet feels comfortable enough, I'll try for the regular menu.