Technique - Making Broken Jasmine Rice

See this? This is jasmine rice. It’s nice and of a medium grain. It’s what you would commonly eat if you have Asian food.

However, sometimes you just get a craving for something different with your rice. You might want to find a new texture for your rice but don’t know what to do…or maybe you’ve had some Com Tam before (Vietnamese) and thought that it was superb. You realize that broken jasmine rice provides an unmatched tastiness and texture for your mouth but you don’t want to go out and buy a whole new bag of rice just to sate your potentially one-time desire. I mean, do you need to add another 5, 10, or 25 lb bag of rice to your small dorm/apartment cabinets? 

Here’s where the cheating way comes in! It works just as well.

First off, I’m a rice-washer. I realize that it is somewhat of a dated practice but I really have just gotten used to doing this after watching my parents do it and helping prepare meals at home where washing rice is a necessity. I also find that washing it beforehand adds better fluffiness to my rice when it’s cooked (if it's been soaked enough). Anyhow, whether you are or you aren’t a rice-washer, wash your rice at least once to start this all off!

Step 1: Preparing the rice
Wash/rinse your rice at least once. Drain it and then let sit for 30+ minutes.

Step 2: Breaking the rice
At this point, the wetness from the water will have caused your grains to weaken and crack. You will see lines along the grains. Here’s where the fun starts…wash your hands and get in there! Crumble that rice with your fingers. The grains will easily break. In my haste, I didn't break all the grains evenly but it should look something like this:

Step 3: Cooking and eating
Cook as you normally would cook rice. Enjoy the new texture you’ve given to your rice. I personally enjoy eating barbecued meats and fish sauce with my broken rice =] Yum yum.