Eatery - Ten Ren Tea (CA)

Ten Ren Tea - 727 N. Broadway Ste 136, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Teas, Drinks

I had visited this shop quite frequently whenever I went to Chinatown with my parents, but I never actually looked at the name of the place, hah. I always thought that it was the best boba place in the area and looking back, it's odd that I never paid attention to what it was. I always assumed that it was a small one-location-only type of underground place I discovered that was awesome. This time around, however, I checked out the name and found out it was a Ten Ren place! Well no wonder it was good! Ten Ren never disappoints with great teas because it's what they do...and they do it best. I discovered Ten Ren officially (as in, knew it by name) when I went to the one in Anaheim and had the greatest milk tea I had ever you can guess how happy I was to find out that this was the same company.

I had the honeydew milk tea because it's basically my favorite of milk teas. It was quite delicious with the perfect blend of milkiness and green tea. The honeydew did not overpower the strength of the tea, and I would attribute that to the potency of Ten Ren's tea in general. My younger brother got the honey milk tea, and both flavors were equally strong, leading to a great mixture of sweet, natural honey and comforting green tea. The boba balls in the drinks were spot on as well, neither too soft or too hard. They were chewy with a perfect consistency and slightly sweet. As always, thumbs up to Ten Ren!



  1. I think I will need to go get some boba here. Thanks for the review!