Eatery - Little Saigon (AZ)

Little Saigon Restaurant - 7016 North 57th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Vietnamese | Reservations - Unnecessary

This post is a tad anachronistic in that I had gone to Arizona before I made the pizza. Whoops! My mistake. Oh well. Anyhow, I was in the area over two weekends ago because my gaming community was having its first ever LAN party, so I felt obliged to drive over to Phoenix for it. It was great that I had some Circle K friends in the area too though because I managed to get a place to stay with one of them and then Saturday evening, another friend took me out to this restaurant!

We got there close to closing time but still made it. It was quite busy, probably from the holiday visitors who were around the area to check out Glendale Glitters. The decor was very Vietnamese, haha, and the host quite welcoming. The service was a little off as they screwed up our drink orders a tad but it wasn't too bad; I'll blame how busy it was.

Those of you familiar with Com Tam entrees will know what this common restaurant dish is. It was charbroiled pork with egg cake, pickled vegetables, broken Jasmine rice, and shredded pork. This also came with a bowl of Vietnamese fish sauce which I prompted doused my rice in because I love broken rice mixed with that sauce. The pork itself was delectable though a little tough to cut. They had sliced it up into attached strips, however, so that was easier than having to cut it all up myself. The vegetables were great but not as crisp as I would've liked. My complaint with the dish was the egg cake, which was too hard and condensed. It made me wonder if it had been sitting around for a little bit because of its texture. I only managed two bites of it before I called it quits. As for my drink, I had a Thai tea that I had asked for without boba but the waiter still put it in there...and it wasn't great at all. The Thai tea itself was delicious but the boba was disgusting. I avoided it by drinking from the top. My friends ordered pho so if I ever went back there again, I think I'd try that next.