Recipe - Italian Wedding Soup

I love Italian Wedding Soup…love love LOVE IT! I needed something to eat one day and wondered if I could swing some soup because it had been a while since I had some. I had to substitute a lot of some typical ingredients with what I could scrounge up but the result was fantastic. Love love love Italian Wedding Soup!

HISTORY: The soup isn’t actually something that you have at weddings but came from a poor interpretation of the Italian name “minestra maritata.” The name means married soup to indicate how green vegetables and meat go together well, not to mean that couples ought to have this on their wedding!
Step 1: Ingredients (serving size: 3-4 bowls)
garlic powder (to taste)
4 cups (32 oz.) chicken broth
5 oz. small pasta
5 oz. spinach leaves (or more)
10-15 meatballs, halved if large

Ingredient notes:
  1. Small pasta - Orzo is a typical type of small pasta. I used pasta stars but any will do.
  2. Meatballs - You can make your own if you have time. Plenty of recipes are available online.
Step 2: Preparing the pasta
Put your chicken broth in a pot and heat on high. When it is nearly boiling, add the pasta and reduce the heat to a high medium. You could cook the pasta on its own but I didn’t want my pasta to be overcooked/soggy.

Step 3: Mixing and completion
Add the garlic powder and spinach leaves. Once the leaves have wilted, add the meatballs. I used the meatballs from Costco (*12028*11285*12038*&lang=en-US)…Kirkland Signature saves my life, haha. The seasonings that came out of this made the soup great.