Quips & Anecdotes - Jam Gifting

So I think it's safe to say that it's been a slight point of amusement amongst my co-workers that I have this food blog. I'm still determining how much of it is playful jest and actual interest. Anywho, our CFO is supposedly an amazing cook herself with plenty of years of experience behind her for cooking and taking care of her family. She came in the other day and gave us each a wrapped jar of homemade strawberry jam. What a pleasant surprise!

Unfortunately for me, I hadn't had it in the first week or so since she had brought it so when she came by again and asked, I was the only one who hadn't opened the jar! I felt quite guilty so I made pancakes this morning to have jam with. It was very delicious, not too cloyingly sweet and with the right amount of tart. I'm not one for sweets so that's why I hadn't tried the jam. The texture was nice and soft, making everything oh-so-spreadable onto my pancakes. What a delicious gift idea! Maybe one day I'll learn to can things of my own...I mean, she said she's never bought jams and jellies outside since she knows how to make them herself. How cool is that?