Product - Risi's Papas Caseras Kettle Chips (with Giveaway)

I don't find myself often standing in front of a chip display at the grocery store very often. I suppose it's just not normally something I think about as I'm not a salty-foods snacker (but certainly am a snacker!). In fact, if I do end up having chips somewhere in my pantry, they're bound to be tortilla chips. However, when I do decide to purchase a bag of the potato-ey goodness that are chips, I often reach for kettle chips.

I was approached a little bit ago with information about Classic Foods' new line of chips, the Risi Papas Caseras series. It's an homage to Mexican cuisine and contains four flavors all with indigenous chiles from Mexico. "Papas Caseras" translates to kettle chips (yes, the title of this post is a little redundant...), the crunchy slow-cooked style of making flavorful and awesome chips, and all of the flavors highlight a different chile which leads to sweet, tangy, zesty, and fiery choices for any buyer. I had a chance to give them each a try AND snag a box to give away to one of you readers, so read on about them! Bonus: the packaging is in both Spanish and English.

"Habanero – The Habanero is one of the hottest chili peppers one can find. True to their name, these chips offer a fiery and zesty flavor that is sure to test the taste buds of even the most seasoned lovers of spicy foods."
We tried this one first. You'll find it in an orange bag that's bordering on red in color. When you first open the bag, you'll notice the bright orange color of the chips as they are seasoned with the habanero. The smell is distinctly of that pepper but the heat is not unbearable. Coming from me who is a wuss with spicy stuff, that's saying something. Sure, the more you eat though, the bigger the heat. It definitely gives a fiery kick once you have enough of them but the first few hardly hurt. [1 oz. serving of ~17 chips = 140 calories]

"Serrano – The spicy and tangy Mexican chili flavor creates a mouth-watering sensation that will make the tongue curl and ask for more."
This was actually our favorite for its tanginess. You almost wouldn't expect it coming from chips or the Serrano pepper but it's present and pleasant. We had first recognized the smell when we opened the bag of the green pepper that is usually on the sweeter side of chiles. The heat was still there but not nearly as much as the habanero; there was definitely a more vegetal taste to this which we really liked! I'm sure this would be a great chip to also dip with a fresh salsa. [1 oz. serving of ~17 chips = 140 calories]

"Adobadas – Adobadas chips are flavored with Mexico's famous red chili marinade. It satisfies the hunger cravings with its zesty and sweet taste."
I have to say that my first impression when seeing the chips as I opened the bag was that they looked heavily seasoned. First impressions do count because I coughed when I put the first chip in my mouth from all of the powder. It's not necessarily a bad thing but may take you by surprise. A sweet chip, the Adobadas' tomato component is strong and very bold. Try this one if you like that sweet tanginess that's associated with the vegetable. [1 oz. serving of ~17 chips = 140 calories]

"Con Salsa - These lightly salted chips contain a packet of spicy and savory La Guacamaya® hot sauce giving you the option to spice things up with one of Mexico's tastiest sauce."
This one was an oddball among the others because of its packaging. Instead of there being some kind of chile pepper powder/flavoring added to the chips, there was a packet of hot sauce inside the bag. Personally, I find that strange and difficult for a casual eater to handle; who normally takes out sauces from a bag of chips and spends the time to open it, pour it on the other chips, and finish them? However, I know that some past products from other companies used to have chip bags like that so perhaps it's in their likeness that this was made thus. The chips themselves were very plain without using the sauce, including not being salted. These are good more for a potato fix than a chip fix. [1 oz. serving of ~15 chips with salsa = 130 calories]

So, we had fun styling the chips as we took pictures of each. They all had a great crunch to them that you know and love from kettle chips. If you're interested in purchasing these 5 oz bags which retail for $2.49, you can pick them up from Hispanic grocery chains Vallartas, Cardenas, and Superior. If you don't want to purchase them right now but want to give them a try for free, you can enter my giveaway to try and win a chance to. Classic Foods will send one 5 oz bag of each flavor right to the winner's door! Why wouldn't you enter? “They are totally iRISIstible!”

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of these items for this review. All opinions stated are 100% mine. I am not in contract nor do I work for any of these companies. I am not responsible for the shipment of the prize as the sponsor ships the prize; thus, I am not responsible for prize fulfillment. This giveaway is U.S. only. Thank you for entering!



  1. Adobadas! I love the flavor of sweet + spicy!

  2. Personally I don't like spicy, but my husband does. So if I win, the chips are for him. I know he'd like the serrano flavored, because he eats everything that has serrano peppers.

    1. I LOVE the serrano one. You could try a little bit of it before it gets spicy!

  3. Love them, just enough of a snappy spicy taste.

  4. Adobadas because a tad of sweetness is tasty with the spice. Thanks!

  5. Serrano as I'd love to try that Mexican tangyness combined with the spicyness!

    1. I finished off the Serrano bag pretty quickly - my fav!

  6. I love chips! So I would love to try all of these flavors.

  7. Abodabas sounds most interesting with sweet & spice!