Eatery - Zenebach Injera (DC)

608 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001 (Neighborhood: Shaw)
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Ethiopian

I must now go find if there are Ethiopian places near where I live because I had such a delicious meal from this place in Little Ethiopia. I had read about there being good food in DC but had never had Ethiopian food and was willing to give it a shot. Too bad there aren't closer restaurants to me in Garden Grove than north Anaheim!

Anywho, the place was just a shabby shell of a restaurant when you walked in. Tables, chairs, and a counter - the basics. The menu looked unchanged for quite some time but who cares when the food is good? I opted for the Nech Tibs (lamb in a juicy curry sauce), and when it came out in all its $10 glory, I was amazed. The platter had some injera (the spongey, somewhat sour bread for Ethiopian food) as the "plate," a bowl of the meat on top, some chickpea paste, extra spicy sauce, and more injera. When you don't use utensils, I guess more bread works out! The injera was very moist and delicious. I loved the spice that came from the tibs as it was just enough to make my slightly sore throat feel like it was healing. There was so much rich flavor in the heat. The meat could have been a tad more tender but it was still good.

My friend at first ordered something which the cashier said was raw meat. When asked what wasn't raw or too spicy on the menu, the response revealed few options. However, he did manage to get away with getting the Kitfo (minced beef sauteed with Ethiopian butter, hot chili peppers, and herbs). I tried a bit of it, and it was quite flavorful and still spicy (but I suppose it was mild in comparison to other dishes). There had to be about a full pound of minced beef on his plate though. For both of us, we had to take our meals to-go after getting stuffed on the goodness but mmm were they good leftovers. I'm craving some more right now as I finish up the review, dangit!