Eatery - The Iron Press (CA)

3321 Hyland Ave, Ste E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - American

Is it wrong to combine two visits into one post for now? I returned the The Iron Press only three days after my first visit so that's why this review will be a heavy one with a variety of sandwiches reviewed - I promise I didn't eat all of these in one sitting!


So when you first go into the restaurant, you're greeted with open waffle irons ready to be used to make tasty sandwiches. Their 30-tap bar features local brews and what a variety! When I had gone, they had just recently done a Hangar 24 takeover so the majority available were offered by that Redlands-based brewery. Neat stuff! I had gone to meet with dear blogger Bobby from 100 Eats 100 Days who introduced me to Iron Press partner Jerry manning the bars. On my second trip, I checked out the place's awesome quirky bathrooms (perfect for when you moustache the mirror on the wall who the fairest one of all is, hah - see picture).


Anyhow, the place is a good center for waffles and beers. I chose to go with what is called the "Flight of Darkness," a five pour flight of their stouts and porters (though I did switch one of mine out). Tasty tasty. Since I had a friend with me, I also took some tastes of other brews including some limited edition Hangar 24s such as their 4th Anniversary brew and the barrel-aged.


I took several pictures of my order, the Prosciutto + Gruyere (thinly-sliced prosciutto, Gruyere cheese, frisee, and stone-ground mustard), because it was so photogenic. I greatly enjoyed this sandwich, mainly because the batter of the waffle itself which was a slightly thick, slightly sweet consistency complimented the prosciutto well.

My friend got the Fried Chicken (hand-sliced fried buttermilk chicken breast, jalapeño maple syrup, and coleslaw), which she made into the "Circle of Life" sandwich upon Jerry's suggestion. What did this mean? The addition of a runny egg. That was a fabulous, sopping mess of a sandwich which satisfied any carnal desires. Great choice there!


In a reverse order, we had gotten the garlic Parmesan tots with all the possible sauces for dipping they had - Garlic Aioli, Jalapeno Maple Syrup, Sriracha Ketchup, Lucky Habanero Dragon Lips Salsa, and Lucky Habanero Mango Firecracker Salsa. The tots were crunchy to perfection and the sauces quite varied. I think I liked the Sriracha ketchup best with it all. On my second visit, garlic Parmesan waffle fries were the appetizer and they were delightfully crunchy and tasty as well.

The second time around, I opted for the Bratwurst (smoked bratwurst, sauerkraut, and stone-ground mustard) as I was feeling in need for a manly sort of sandwich. It certainly was as was it very well-made with its juicy, thick meat and complementing flavors of sauerkraut and mustard. Delish.

The other order made on the second visit was for the Breakfast sandwich (pan-fried egg, black forest ham, smoked bacon, and cheese). Talk about a hefty breakfast that one was. It was great but oh so heavy. Overall, The Iron Press has some solid food and impressive brews. I'll have to come back again sometime when I'm next craving a waffle sandwich.