Eatery - Mick's Karma Bar (CA) Revisited

2010 Main St, Ste 165, Irvine, CA 92614
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-go | Cuisine - American, Burgers

[You can read my first review here.] In my previous review of this place, I had mentioned that eating there at night yielded terrible pictures of the glorious burgers that are from Mick's Karma Bar. This was very true, so I came back during the daytime right before my trip to DC to snag some excellent food and befitting pictures. Hence, the epic photos. That's right - they'll make your mouth water and if you're just about ready to go run and get one yourself, remember to tell me so I can come with!

So you can't deny the strawberry basil lemonade here, nope. Luckily, with two people eating, there was wiggle room for a second type of drink so I got the tropical iced tea. I love my tea and this is one to love as it isn't saturated in sugar like other teas can be.


In terms of burgers, I got the Karma Burger combo (burger, fries, and unlimited refills on drink) which is a 100% sirloin steak burger minced in-store daily with American cheese, lettuce, roma tomato, and their Karma sauce. I don't think I could re-emphasize just how well this burger hits the spot. It is not greasy yet oh-so-juicy. It is flavorful and well stacked. Just look at the pictures, seriously. As for the fries, they're crunchy steak fries with a lot of potato packed inside. Have some with Karma sauce and thank me later.


Duc got the Patty Melt combo, a burger with some additional goodness consisting of carmelized onions, Gruyere cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard. I only took one bite of that because taking more would have been messy with the melted cheese oozing everywhere. It was nearly a carnal sin. The savoriness incited by the fresh steak hache and warm cheese made the crisp vegetables seem nearly negligible. Another well-loved visit to Mick's has been made - cheers to many more! Our only regret this time was not running into Mick again.