Tips & Techniques - Fruit & Vegetable Peel Uses

I always love seeing innovative ways to use anything but food especially. I came across this article on how to reuse fruit and vegetable peels (and some other grocery by- products) which normally would be thrown away. I want to share some of the most interesting ones I saw with you and then you should check out the link here for more!

Potato Peels 
  • Boiling the peels for approximately half an hour will give you a product to darken gray hairs. Strain the water and let cool before rinsing your hair with it (after you shampoo!). 

Citrus Peels 
  • You can add these to olive oil to flavor it and also reinvigorate old oil. 
  • Citric acid is perfect for polishing brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. Use peels to get your metals shiny! Baking soda will speed up the process. 

Banana Peels 
  • These are great shiners - did you know? Rub them on houseplants to make them shine as well as provide a natural pesticide/fertilizer. 
  • Polish your dress shoes with the inner side of these peels. 

Papaya Skins 
  • Soften your feet's skin and put an end to hurt by cracked heels by rubbing papaya skins and pulp on them; their vitamins removes dead skin cells and breaks down inactive proteins. 

Onion Skins 
  • Boiling eggs with these will naturally color the eggshells yellow and orange. 

Peanut Shells 
These smoke and burn slowly so put them in your charcoal for the next barbecue. They'll burn longer if you soak them in water and let dry for a little.