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I wanted to attach a super happy picture (though it's a year old) of myself because that's how I felt when Gary Schwind retweeted to me an interesting link. Though he is a music writer by trade, on occasion he covers food and drink. Lucky for me, his research for CBS Los Angeles led to an article posting the best Orange County foodies to follow on Twitter. Of the eight listed on that article, @MuchAdoBlog was one of them! I had such a huge smile on my face when I read that, especially since the majority of the others on the list were food trucks. Thanks Gary, and I hope I will see new faces on my Twitter, FB, and blog soon =].

Reader questions: Do you have any suggestions/requests to improve my blog and its content? Do you already follow me on Twitter? If not, DO! There are things that get tweeted and not loaded to the blog itself.

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