Quips & Anecdotes - Portola Coffee Lab's Theorem

Let's see, does this place warrant the title of "El Bulli of Coffee" that the editors at Sprudge.com have thrust upon it? If you haven't heard of Theorem, it's a concept born from Portola Coffee Lab, the hip and happening coffee place in Costa Mesa situated in the OC Mart Mix. At Portola, they care about their coffee. They care about it so much that the science is explained via classes, the methods carefully fine-tuned, and the beans selectively chosen through sustainable and fair trade means. I was happy to hear about this unique crafting experience opening up and all its exclusivity. At a seating of only 6, this place puts you in the hand of the innovative baristas who will delight your senses with their fabulous creations. I can only hear wisps of what magic brews in Theorem's lair, things like recreating alcoholic beverages using coffee as the base or serving liquid nitrogen ice cream made before one's eyes. The "dishes"/drinks require you to trust what you'll be served...and a reservation! So hey, they're taking reservations now - who wants to join me?