Eatery - Idyllwild Tea Company (CA)

54241 Ridge View Dr, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Tea

I'm actually going to review this place separately from the restaurant in which it also resides. What does that mean? Well it was funny because we got lost trying to find the place because we kept running into Oma's Bakery & Restaurant where our Yelp map said the Idyllwild Tea Company was. However, after checking over the addresses, we realized that it was inside the same building. Weird.


So we walk inside and it's the bakery & restaurant. There is a side room that I'm guessing people would sit in for just their tea. The restaurant offered food which we ordered (and will be reserved for another post on the restaurant itself), and then when we wanted to order teas, we were given the tea company menu. It had so many teas, we had a hard time figuring out what to do. The place itself was nice and cozy (perfect!), and the prices reasonable at $3/$5/$7 for the sizes respectively.

We did two smalls at $3 apiece which yielded about 3 teacups per teapot. The teapots were cute and minimalistic and the teas delicious. I had the white blueberry white tea while Duc had the ginger peach oolong tea. Funnily enough, we both preferred our own but each had a delightful taste. The blueberry scent was light but definitely present in my cup. His peach was very strong and the ginger just touched my tastebuds a smidgeon whenever I sipped from his cup. What a fun place for some relaxing tea! So why no 5 stars? The service wasn't so nice from the younger waitresses nor was the tea made courteously. Sorry for the docking!