Quips & Anecdotes - Idyllwild

So I'm back from my anniversary weekend trip to Idyllwild with my dearest Duc! We did some hiking, watched some stars in the non-polluted air (so many stars!), saw both of our first shooting stars, and ate at the quaint little places in the area amongst other explorations of the town. The easy-going pace and politeness of the people there was so refreshing and relaxing. How could you not feel good there?


So we ran into some old soda pop shop and a candy shop. There were several old-timey places that were a blast to run into but you want to know what made the trip all the better? Uh, it was such a cute and small town that puns were cool. You should know how much I enjoy a clever quip or title; well Idyllwild was full of them. Our favorite little place (a bakery) there was also punny. How wonderful!

Let's run through the list of things we noticed:
  • Honey Bunns & Joe (bakery w/coffee)
  • A Cut Above (hair salon)
  • Cookie Doe's (bakery/ice cream shop w/deer mascot)
  • Idyll Awhile (wine shop)
  • Higher Grounds Coffee
  • Gastrognome
  • Mile High Cafe
  • Knotty Pine Cabins
  • Faux Ever After
  • Fairly Tales (bookstore)
Awesome no? My my, it was a fun weekend of being free from work (well, except for some blog things) and out in nature. Random food fact for the weekend: we had popcorn every night! What's a vacation place you've always been wanting to go to and why?