Eatery - Oahu Shave Ice & Ice Cream

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1101 S Lemon St, Fullerton, CA 92832
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Ice Cream, Desserts

On our way back from Idyllwild, Duc and I remembered that we'd be passing by Fullerton, and he hadn't redeemed his Groupon for Oahu Shave Ice yet. Considering how hot it was outside, taking a break for some frozen treats sounded like a good idea. It was a little difficult finding it because we turned into the wrong entrance to the plaza and ended up in front of the AMC theater nearby. When we finally got inside, there were so many options to choose from.

Eventually we decided upon the Cherry Cola combo (scoop of vanilla ice cream under cola shave ice drizzled with cherry and a snow cap) and the Oahu POG combo (scoop of coconut-pineapple ice cream under POG - Passion, Orange, Guava - shave ice). We got them in flower cups which came in neat holders. First of all, the portions are huge! We had gotten the small each but really could have just shared one. The second thing we noticed was that we probably should not have been eating these things because they were pretty much sugary syrup and ice. The flavors were good but man, I'm not a sweets person and neither is he; we got tired of our desserts quickly. I guess that's what we get for trying to be more health-conscious. I did like the vanilla ice cream at the bottom of my shave ice though, but the place was no Frostbites when it comes to icy, ice creamy treats. I'll give them props though for being one of the few places in such a culinary genre.