Quips & Anecdotes - Personal Food Habits

Lately Duc and I have been watching food documentaries, and our views on our own personal food habits have been affected as a result. We have seen "Forks Over Knives" and "The Men Who Made Us Fat," with a few other shows on queue for viewing. The experience hasn't been eye-opening exactly but it certainly has been disconcerting. It had solidified some pre-notions of the unhealthy food habits we face living in today's American world and to our daily schedules, make us more conscious of what we're doing with ourselves.

Unfortunately, we also have to be a little realistic and try to see what can feasibly be done considering our current situations (or are we making excuses?). Is it possible to go cold turkey and switch to some of the healthier diets and lifestyles? Is it something we'll have to ease into and just have more freedom to do later when we have our own domains? I mean, it's a bit hard for me to control what I eat while I'm still here at my parents'. They determine the majority of what is available at home (though I do buy my own foods as well). Also, how hard will it be to resist the ooey-gooey-goodnes of cheese (I mean, LOOK at that picture!) and other dairy products? I thought yogurt was healthy for you! If you don't know my reference point, we've been trying to consider how going non-animal-based foods for our eating habits would work out...and dairy's just something that will be most difficult. Of course, this may all be us making excuses for ourselves. Have any of you done a switch to a whole foods, non-animal-based diet, and if so, what was the process like?