Eatery - Omelette House (CA)

12444 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine -  American, Breakfast

Omelette House has been on my list of local places to give a try (and by local, I mean that it's down the street from me) for a long while, but it wasn't until an impromptu craving for brunch came about that Duc and I finally made our way there. We were glad to have gotten there right before the rush because after we sat down immediately after walking in, it ended up being almost a 30 minute+ wait for anyone after us. Crazy!

Anyhow, so I always love getting corned beef hash when I go somewhere for a breakfast/brunch, so I opted for that. It was fantastic! The servings were huge for our entrees first of all but I think that they were also manageable because of the food's general lightness. My hashbrowns were crisp to perfection and thin enough so I got my filling but didn't stuff myself on them. The scrambled eggs were also quite good and definitely eggs. I dislike seeing places serve some kind of egg mix that may have been made from reconstituted eggs. My sourdough toast had just the right amount of butter and toastiness. Now the corned beef hash was also fantastic. It was thin but that allowed for it to have an overall crisp exterior with a juicy, soft interior. The potato chunks were small enough to be about the size of the hash itself. I loved it.

Duc ended up getting an omelette Florentine style which had spinach, olives, mushrooms, and bacon. It was so refreshing for an omelette actually (I hold the green onions and cilantro accountable for this!). Despite the smaller amount of bacon than he was expecting, I think he really enjoyed it. I certainly liked seeing more vegetables than salty breakfast meats in his order, haha. The rest of his order included other items such as on my plate, and they were consistent with mine. We had a great breakfast out, and it was an inexpensive place with quality food. I'm keeping this on my go-to list for breakfasts!