Eatery - Honey Bunns & Joe Bakery (CA)

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54385 North Circle Dr, Ste 154, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Bakery, Coffehouse

After some wandering around Idyllwild, Duc and I ended up following the huge signs for a bakery behind some shops in the Mile High Plaza. It's a bit hidden away from the main street but a gem indeed. He saw the name and mentioned that it was highly rated on Yelp which we didn't have to be told because right when we walked in, we could see that the place was amiable and well-cared-for. The man working the cash register was oh so friendly and very hospitable. We guessed that he was one of the owners with his wife who must have been the main baker. The inside was small but still charming, and the backyard area had seating for guests to enjoy some outdoor air.

My eye immediately was drawn to the lavender lemon scone in the glass display. I love lavender. I love lemon. I also love scones. Bring it on. It was placed on a plate and stuck in the microwave to warm a bit. When we got it to take outside, I took a fork to its crumbly, rich goodness and ate a bit of delicate, pastry heaven. It was so delicious. The lavender was, as always, a light taste that managed to linger on and on. I blame the real and plentiful lavender. I enjoyed the lemon zest in the scone which gave each bite a citrus spark. Magnificent scone!

Now when we had walked in, the guy raved about the curried carrot bagel. Curried carrot bagel? What the random? We got one though because we're all about given new things a try; it was sliced and toasted before being brought outside to us. Wow. This thing really WAS as good as he claimed it to be. If you can imagine the savory, heartiness of curry mixed with shredded, soft pieces of carrot in a bagel form, you'd have an okay sense of what we ate. It was more than just that. It was a dinner in a bagel. With cream cheese, it reminded both of us of raita with curry. Honestly that bagel blew our minds, and we cleaned up the entire plate. Our props to the baker. This was such a lovely place with great people and great eats. Stop by here if you're in Idyllwild!