Eatery - Oma's European Restaurant (CA)

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54241 Ridge View Dr, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - European, Bakery

So while looking for the Idyllwild Tea Company, we realized that it was inside of Oma's European Restaurant whose food got rave reviews in the Yelp review for the former place. It was Sunday and brunch was on our mind. We stepped inside and sat down wherever we liked. I think immediately we both realized that the two younger waitresses weren't all too into their work. That's a shame and a bit disappointing to see as a customer, especially when we could both look straight into the kitchen from where we were seated. The ones running the joint were two elderly women working their butts off on preparing the food. My respect to them.

Duc's order was for their biscuits and gravy which he had been craving in general (who denies biscuits and gravy? c'mon...). I had a bite and they were a tad saltier than I would've liked them. However, the rest of it was great. There were plenty of hearty, chunky pieces of sausage in the creamy, thick gravy. The biscuits weren't typical as in some other diners I've had them where they are overly buttery and choking. These were flaky and wholesome. It was a good dish aside from the saltiness.

I opted for the "famous" Oma's wurst platter since the name was in it (personal rule - order whatever namesake dish there is) but only got the 1 link version. The original platter had all the fixins' and three wurst links but I couldn't handle that many. I chose bratwurst as it was their most popular. My plate had a well grilled brat that was succulent and thick. Delicious! It paired very well with the hot mustard on the side and the really large bowl of sauerkraut. There was also a side of German potatoes which apparently meant that they were in a warm vinegary sauce. They were good but a little strange only because they were vinegary - the texture was perfect though, a soft firmness.


Then we took home two desserts since we couldn't resist them, sitting in their glass displays in front of us. The blueberry cheesecake was way too thick and not creamy enough. The jam on top was more of a gelee that had hardened to the point of no mixing with the cheesecake. It was overall still an appreciated dessert but held no light next to the peanut butter brownie. That was a masterpiece of homemade peanut butter goodness. The texture was slightly crumbly and the peanut butter overwhelmingly awesome. I like the touch of dark chocolate on top too. Fabulous dessert. Overall, the food was a good (though not mind-blowing) experience but the service not.