Quips & Anecdotes - Tasty Chinese Snacks

It almost sounds sketchy in that Chinese way to say that I had no idea what to call the place. The fact that I couldn't find it on Yelp either in an attempt to check-in on the app just solidified that it was Chinese (Duc and I have a theory that Chinese people are the shadiest type of people). Anyhow, my family and I walked past this place but my mom wanted to go in so we did.


Talk about awesome. There were preserved/dried/snackified everything. They also let us sample anything we wanted. The preserved starfruit was interesting. The green beans were awesome. What attracted us, however, were the Shiitake mushrooms and okra. My dad happened to like and want to buy the bittermelon but none of us liked those ones on account of how much bitterness was preserved.


So the mushroom snacks didn't even taste like mushroom. It was as if they had been air-dried, fried, salted, and re-fried or something. There were quite airy and salty. The okra were in similar fashion but the awesome part was how they still maintained their stickiness after I bit into them. Why the blog post on this? Well the snacks were fantastic and quite different from what I had been used to; then again, so was the price for a snack. The mushrooms went for $27/lb and the okra $25/lb. Crazy! If you're interested in finding these, they are near the East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Rosemead.