Event - The Great Park 7th Anniversary

Coincidentally on my birthday, the Great Park in Irvine was celebrating its 7th birthday in a big event so I went to check it out as there were plenty of festivities planned. Okay wait, yeah, you caught me. I was actually just there because I had heard about the overload of food trucks that would be around but hey, I enjoyed everything else going on too!


There were plenty of airshows from various stuntsmen and shows spread throughout the areas at the park. I watched the OC Aerial Arts troupe's younger members practice their skills for about an hour - they were quite impressive. There were also various kids' activities and displays of military and non-military vehicles and aircraft. One of the hangars also had a variety of performances and concerts. I think, however, the highlight for me was the food truck zone.


Look at all of the trucks that were there. I only ate from two of them but man oh man was it all oh-so-tempting. I really wanted to try every truck, even ones I've eaten from before. The atmosphere was overwhelming. Ultimately, I quenched my thirst for spending money (curse you food trucks!) by getting an awesome pork-related t-shirt by the BACONMANia truck created by Bad Pickle Tees. I'm definitely looking forward to wearing it and to coming back to the next giant Great Park celebration!