Eatery - Soho Taco Food Truck (CA)

902 W McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707 (Office)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - To Go | Cuisine - Mexican

[You can read my first review here.] My previous experience with Soho Taco had been through an event I attended where they catered. Their attention to their ingredients then was great to see and the food delicious. I managed to catch up with the food truck at the past Santa Ana Art Walk and was very happy to see them there.

So to refresh my memory, I got one of every kind offered except their pollo. I had the carne asada, camarones (shrimp), and the vegetarian which I had never had before. It was written on the chalkboard menu that it was a Yelp favorite so I was excited to give it a shot. Uh, excellent! The shrimp was just as succulent and flavorful as I had remembered it being. The carne asada had a whole bunch of delicious, meaty flavor (perfect for the carnivore I am). You could tell that the meat was well-tended and seasoned. The veggie was very interesting as it was mainly roasted vegetables that were heavy on mushrooms (I love mushrooms!). I'd actually have to say it came in second behind the shrimp tacos on my favorites list from the truck as it was surprisingly hearty, filling, and savory (for being vegetables, that is).

I thoroughly enjoyed their food and was happy to have met Rico, one of the managers and co-owners. I could tell right away that he was a giving soul and upon shaking his hand, I knew he was a very sweet man. I learned about how their Angus beef was purchased at high quality and stored in the same methods that restaurants use. I also heard about how there were three specific women who worked with the truck in ensuring that the tortillas were perfect - their word was law. They prepare the fresh dough and have to make sure that conditions are ideal to start rolling out tortillas. My compliments to everyone who works there and works to ensure that the best ingredients are used to make their amazing food. Thanks for the great eats!
**My appreciation goes out to Soho Taco for posting about this write-up on their blog here!