Eatery - East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant (CA)

East Gourmet Seafood Resturant 慶相逢海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

8118A East Garvey Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Chinese

This review is only for their dim sum. My parents wanted to go somewhere other than NBC Seafood for dim sum this past weekend so they headed over to East Gourmet which he hadn't visited in ages. The line wasn't too bad considering it looked extremely busy from the outside. Go Chinese efficiency! Seriously - have you ever observed the waiters & waitresses reset a table after a guest has left? I should time them.

Anyhow so the first few things we got were in our norm - the shrimp paste balls (nicely crisp), meatballs (way too salty), tripe in white sauce (so dang delicious), and shumai (nothing out of the ordinary. The one thing in the first round that was out of the ordinary was the bun filled with who knows what. I likened it to a soft moon cake that wasn't good. Yeah, it was weird.


Our next round consisted of lobster balls (surprisingly delicious but no, they weren't real "balls" you gross person), "Phoenix" feet (so-so), something we hadn't seen before but tasted like Chinese jalapeno poppers (they were REALLY good), and egg-coconut buns (skimpy on the filling and way too much coconut). I love how sweet and savory have no rules when eating dim sum.


The last round of food was made up of red mochi bun (giant mochi = always good), dan ta (oh so flaky and creamy!), lo mai gai (this one had a lot of variety inside including Chinese sausage and mushrooms), and sea cucumber soup (deliciously thick and sesame oily). I left full but quite annoyed that even by 1pm, they hadn't had their ha fun ready. Who doesn't have that ready during dim sum service?! Well anyhow, the food was only so-so the whole meal through; guess we'll keep on our search of great dim sum!