Eatery - Tornado Potato (CA)

1116 N Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92801
Pricing - $ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Food Truck, Potato

At an event like the Great Park's 7th Anniversary celebration, it helps to have a product which is pleasing to the eye. Sure, there were nearly 30 other food trucks there that day but who else has a spiral of crispy potato to tantalize the senses? I doubt it was just me who felt this need to have one after seeing people walk around with sticks of tornadoed potatoes. I gravitated toward the truck and was pulled into the whirlwind of excitement.

So there are actually several types of the snack including a zucchini version. Some have meat additions and sauces. We opted for the original type with the one free flavoring so we got sour cream & onion and garlic Parmesan. For $5.50 though, it's quite a cost for a single potato, though presented in a fun way.

I quite enjoyed the potatoes I had. They were wonderfully and evenly crisp, a feat worthy of praising. I took the sour cream & onion one while my younger brother snagged the garlic Parmesan. Both were prominently potato in taste which I appreciated a lot. I don't like eating things that are overly flavored so much that they mask the true ingredient's flavor. The slices peeled off easily from their sticks and were like thick, homemade potato chips. My compliments to the creators as their products were very good.