Event - The District Art Gallery Wine and Cheese Social

If you haven't heard yet or seen from my multiple posts on different pre-events (Golden Chef and Chef Competition Demo #1), the Golden Foodie Awards are coming! There have been several events going on in Orange County leading up to the event, and a fun one that I had the chance to attend was for The District's Art Gallery Wine and Cheese Social held in Tustin.


They brought out excellent spreads when it came to their sponsors including cheeses from Cabot Cheese, multiple breads from Sadie Rose Baking Co (I really like the flatbread), and fresh, juicy strawberries from Melissa's Produce. There were tables of food from all the sponsors with plenty of food as well as pouring of wine from La Crema.


A neat new addition to eats available at Golden Foodie Awards pre-events was the lively display by Casey's Cupcakes which was specially showing off its official Golden Foodie Awards cupcake, the "Golden Velvet," which was unveiled officially on July 10th. A decadent treat, it is "moist red velvet cake with light and creamy frosting adorned with a special 24-carat gold dust, glamorous gold glitter and gold covered candy pearls." Certainly glamorous indeed!


The evening was very casual and enjoyable as I also happened to run into fellow food bloggers Tom, Anita, and Austin. The art was quite varied actually so there was plenty of different styles to look at. I particularly enjoyed the photography from the 50s and 60s by Jerry Muller - the stylistic elements were similar to some of the styles I see today. Entertainment was provided by the jocular Kalama Brothers whose carefree tones made the afternoon/early evening light and joyful. Cheers to a fun social and thanks for the invite!

Photography by Minerva Thai. More photos on Facebook.