Quips & Anecdotes - July 4th Special

With all the tweets and notices from not just Bruxie itself but also all the people I follow via Twitter and Instagram, I really could not resist making my way over to the waffle-licious place to get ahold of the July 4th specials. Their special Red, White, and Blue shake was a glorious real strawberry milkshake with loads of whipped cream on top and accentuated with a fresh blueberry drizzle. It was such an amazing drink and full of creamy goodness. Fabulously over-the-top in the fireworks-in-my-mouth kind of way!

The waffle sandwich of the day was the New England Lobster which was merely just that in a waffle, modestly dressed in mayo and complemented with shredded lettuce and chopped green onions. I didn't even realize that I would mainly be eating lobster. I've never had that much lobster in one go in such a natural form (it was seriously pure lobster in my mouth). It sure made sense why the sandwich was $18!

My friend had been fiending for a liege waffle the other day as well as soft-serve so she got their Liege Waffle Sundae, a monster of regret and sugary sweetness that didn't even allow us to see the waffle bottom. It was so terribly bad for us but a good idea at the time. Delish!