Eatery - Santouka Ramen (CA)

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665 Paularino Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Japanese

I would have gotten a "storefront" picture of the place for my review but didn't since it would have been a little strange. I mean, Santouka Ramen is located in the food court of a Mitsuwa supermarket so pulling out a camera to snap a shot wasn't in my plans. I came here because I keep wanting to give ramen a try as I haven't been too big a fan of it. This was highly suggested so I figured it was time to travel there and pay (cash-only) for a small bowl of their miso ramen, and yes, the small is fairly large.

So for 6.99 after tax, I got a rich broth in a sizable bowl (perfect for eating alone!) with noodles just a little too hard for my preference. There were plenty of additions in my ramen though including the very enjoyable large piece of pork and crisp bamboo shoots. I especially appreciated the wood ear fungus that was a nice touch. The meat was thick and tender, and the broth left my mouth in a savory, flavor-lingering state. Unfortunately, I did shy a little bit away from this when I realized just how greasy it was and salty after much eating (though not at first). I'll have to come back to try the other ramens.