Eatery - Yuki Sushi (CA)

12661 Beach Blvd, Stanton, CA 90680
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Sushi, Japanese

Oh good sushi, how I have missed thee! California is the place to be. After some fun at Dave & Buster's for my friend's birthday, we headed over to Yuki Sushi which is one of the favorite sushi places of one of my friends. We got some of the free edamame and miso soup to start off the evening. The miso soup was pretty good with actual soft tofu bits.

The first roll we grabbed was the Hot Night Roll which was shrimp tempura, cucumber, and crabmeat on the inside with spicy tuna and crunch on the outside. It was pretty dang good. The spiciness caught me a little off-guard there because I wasn't expecting it to be so quick to heat. However, it worked quite well for the roll, and the tuna was very fresh. The crunch was scrumptious! I enjoyed this roll a lot more than the other one we got (though it was good too).

The second roll was the Crunch Dragon Roll which actually had the same inside as the Hot Night Roll but the outside was fresh water eel. I think I only didn't like this roll as much as the first because the generous chunks of eel overpowered the other tastes. Whereas the Hot Night Roll had a bit of zing to it from the spiciness that gave way to the inside, the Crunch Dragon Roll was mainly eel-y. Nothing against eel - it was a good roll too. I'd recommend it to those who like large chunks of eel!

Dessert was a must here. The tempura ice cream at Yuki is phenomenal! We snagged ourselves a green tea tempura ice cream; I always must commend them on presentation of their dessert. I also have to give a thumbs up to how they get the right balance between a crunchy hot tempura shell and superbly frozen ice cream. I mean, the ice cream is not melty from the shell's heat nor is it frozen solid as an "easy way out" for the making of the dessert. The ice cream is very creamy and smooth as well. Another satisfied dinner at Yuki!