Eatery - Half & Half Tea House (CA)

120 N San Gabriel Blvd, Ste H, San Gabriel, CA 91778
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Coffee, Tea, Asian

My older brother always hypes this place up so we decided to give it a shot since we were in the area. The line was long but not headachingly so. We grabbed a menu while we waited. I was taken aback by the prices though - they were a little on the higher end of boba places I had been. He suggested to get the milk drinks they had (not milk tea drinks, just milk drinks) so we chose from that section.

He said that the best one was the milk drink that had caramel, pudding, and their honey boba so he grabbed that. Our younger brother got the taro with honey boba. Mine was strawberry, pudding, and honey boba. My first impression was that the boba was delicious. I liked how it was honey-ed. After that, however, I wasn't very impressed. The "best drink" there was not special at all. It was a bit bland. The pudding in both our drinks was overwhelming actually. There was just too much of it. I had to chew every part of my drink. The taro was good in the sense that it had actual taro pieces in it. However, it was basically just that - there wasn't much of anything else added to it to sweeten the drink or make it creamy. Mine was artificial strawberry for sure. The best part was the honey boba but in terms of the drinks themselves, I'll take my business elsewhere.