Eatery - Extraordinary Desserts (CA)

1430 Union St, San Diego, CA 92101
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Desserts, Teas

Ever since I stumbled upon this place with my friends one night when we were hankering to walk around downtown SD at night and it was one of the only places open (we had tea there first), it's a place to target every time I'm in SD...which is rarely. However, I had the occasion to go back today and snagged some heavenly desserts. My friends and I wanted to sit down but the line/wait was too long so we just browsed the pretty displays before making our choices to-go.

What they have down pretty well is their presentation. The desserts look to-die-for and the interior decorations are pretty chic as well. I liked the small wall displays of wares to sell such as artsy looking teacups and teapots. There was also a section of delightful smelling teas (they set them out for us to sniff) and children's toys. The main attraction was, of course, the dessert display.

After wetting the floor with our saliva, we put our to-go orders in and waited in all the din for our orders. Of everything ordered, the only thing I didn't get to try was the Au Chocolate cake shown above. Oh well.

The sad thing I realized after we had ordered everything and I started taking pictures was that all the cakes were laid on their sides. Alas, no good pictures could come of these. I myself got the Blood Orange Ricotta Torte which I found pretty good but quite drenched in whatever syrup was soaking the cake part. It was quite sweet with the bits of blood orange adding some tartness. To be honest, hardly all that memorable aside from the fact that it was quite heavy for a citrus-infused dessert.

My older brother wanted to get the Passionfruit Napoleon but though the platter was quite full when he placed his order, they ran out when it came to packing his box. So, instead, he got the Lemon Praline cake that I had been eyeing before. It was quite tart! I liked the bits of pralines that coated the outside of the cake but the middle cream was too jaw-wincing for me to handle.

My younger brother didn't even know what the dessert he ordered was called. He just looked at it and knew he wanted it. He had apparently settled for some kind of rich coffee cake. It was very moist yet crumbly and was true to its nature. I think we would've needed several cups of coffee to help swallow the thick chocolate and yellow cake it was. I believe he finished it after 3 separate occasions of going back at it.

What we ended up bringing back to our parents was a Creme Brulee which had lemon infused in it and cinnamon cream on top. As I expected, when they had some, they said it was too sweet. What I didn't expect was that after having some of it myself, it really was too sweet! I liked this take on creme brulee, however, because the lemon was refreshing. It also is certainly one of the better looking desserts and the white chocolate sheets work well with it. For the price, though, I was expecting more than an overload of sugar in my mouth. I'm going to need to come back when it's less busy one day to try out the actual food and not just the desserts.