Eatery - Parker & Otis (NC) Revisited

Parker & Otis - 112 S. Duke St., Durham, NC 27701
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - American

I said I wanted to go back in my previous post so I did! I decided that it'd be a yummy place to go to for my graduation meal so off we went. It was just as quaint as I had remembered it with the addition of other families there for graduation. I picked the dishes for my parents because they preferred not to have to deal with ordering.

My mom got a bowl of the soup of the day which was Hungarian mushroom. I thought it was quite delicious actually and had plenty of mushrooms. I also got her a cup of their cheesy grits because the family's never had grits before. The restaurant made them quite well and everyone liked it!

My dad got one of the sandwiches of the week which had roast beef, Muenster cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, and horseradish mayo on wheat. The side was their house slaw which I hadn't liked before; apparently no one else in the family did either! The sandwich was packed with meat and good though quite ordinary in my opinion.

My little brother got their buffalo chicken with green herb dip, sprouts, red onion, and Muenster cheese on sourdough. He also got their pesto salad as a side. I liked the sandwich that I got to try because the sprouts gave it a "fresh" taste. The buffalo chicken was definitely not the doused-in-sauce type that I expected (or he for that matter) but was still good. The pesto salad was great.

I ordered one of their sandwiches of the week which was turkey with Stonewall Kitchen red pepper jelly, white cheddar, green herb dip, and red onion on wheat. The pepper jelly made the whole sandwich quite sweet. What tempered it was the herb dip but overall, it was on the sweeter side. I liked it a lot actually because it wasn't overbearing in its sweetness. The white cheddar worked well in the sandwich and naturally, I got deviled eggs for the side because they make them so well here!