Eatery - Bull City Burger & Brewery (NC)

107 E Parrish St, Durham, NC 27701
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - American, Brewery

After having met the owner during the Alternative Spring Break trip of Bull City Burger and Brewery, I was excited to try and make some time to go there. Though I was about a month and a half late from their grand opening, I still made it by to have one of the burgers that had sounded delicious when first described. The atmosphere on a Saturday evening seemed pretty relaxed and fun though loud. I opted for a burger and a side; the beers were tempting but I've been conscious about my money later so didn't go for a glass.

My side was their Deep Fried Pickle Chips with "Hybrid Powered" Pretzel Crust along with their BCBB dipping sauce. I was curious as to what they were when I saw them on the menu. What I got were thin slices of sour pickle in a nice crispy batter with a ranch-like sauce. I actually couldn't have more than two of these before needing water after every picking of each. They were quite sour and an odd taste I suppose I'll have to become accustomed to.

As for the burger, I got one with the add-ons of Gruyere cheese and mushrooms. I've got to say that it was one of the greasiest burgers I've ever had - I blame the mushrooms! The beef was quite good and the butter lettuce was delicious. I didn't think the buns were all too special though. They boast everything being made by them so perhaps bread isn't their thing. If the burger wasn't so greasy, I would give it more rave reviewing but I was quite concerned when I went through two soaked napkins that were made so by the oil on my fingers. Ah well. Next time I'm around, I'll check out the beers. Props on having Boylan Soda on tap though - I never knew it even existed! That's the good stuff for sure.