Eatery - Guglhupf Bakery & Patisserie (NC)

2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Ste 1, Durham, NC 27707
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Bakery, Coffee & Tea, American | Reservations - Accepted

A place I've been wanting to go for a while from all the hype I've heard about it! My friend and I were planning on dropping by for dinner but after perusing their dinner menu online, we found nothing that we were craving that night nor a price our wallets would be happy giving up. So instead, we opted for lunch another day, and it was a great choice! The establishment was quite cute and quaint with its decor both inside and outside. When we walked in, the baked goods in the displays were oh-so-tempting but I knew we'd hit up the bakery afterward so resisted from ordering something to go with lunch.

I ended up choosing the Reuben Panini which was "slow-cooked corned beef with house-braised
sauerkraut, emmenthaler cheese and russian dressing on jewish rye" and came with a cup of soup. I opted for the asparagus bisque and my oh my was it an excellent choice. At first glance, the soup just looks a sickly green but that's just the vegetable's shade. It was rich and soothing on the just-rained-on day and had a pleasant texture to it. It wasn't too runny or thick but a smooth creamy. My Reuben was delightful - the sauerkraut really brought out the meat's flavor. I ate this sandwich so slowly because it was both delicious and packed with a lot of corned beef! The meal was wonderful. Guglhupf was definitely very packed when we went during lunch hour but it gave a nice vibe to the place.

After lunch, we couldn't help ourselves and had to head over the bakery. Everything looked fantastic. The breads were tempting. The desserts were tempting. The breakfast baked goods were tempting. I decided that I needed to get some treats for my family when they came by for graduation weekend so I opted to snag a fruit tart for them and both the panna cotta and cream puff for me. Yay for indulgences.

I tried the cream puff first when I got back to my place, and it was divine. Though small, it packed a satisfying punch. The cream was the right amount of lightness - not too heavy or fluffy. I thoroughly enjoyed the flaky pastry because its texture was just perfect.

Later that evening, I had the panna cotta as a late-night snack. The last time I had had panna cotta was when I was in Italy. I must say that this one was a bit of a miss for me because it ended up tasting like a yogurt parfait rather than panna cotta. The strawberries were good but the actual cream was quite tart. Oh well.

What I saved for my family was the fruit tart, and it was spectacular. When I first saw the fruit tart, I wondered how they got their glaze to be so shiny. The berries were abundant and the glaze was actually not overly sweet. Whatever cream was used to fill the pastry crust was light but flavorful - I think it was strawberry flavored. It was a great treat. I wish I could go to Guglhupf more often!