Eatery - Dirty Dick's Crab House (SC)

1101 N. Kings Highway, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Pricing - $$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Seafood, Cajun, Creole

It was just funny to be saying to other people that we were going to go to "Dirty Dick's" because of how it sounded. Linda's sorority sisters decided we'd go here for dinner and when we got there, it was quite empty because it was a weeknight. The place looked nice and clean though. They even had a nice board up for their market prices for seafood.

After we put in our orders, we spent time looking at the art that was Photoshopped with Dirty Dick's face. When that was done, our food still hadn't come. In fact, it took nearly 45 minutes for our food to come which was way too long. They were lucky that the food was good in general so we didn't complain all too much. However, it was quite pricey.

I got the Creole Stuffed Crabs which were "three crab shells filled with crab dressing and baked, served with Creole rice pilaf & fresh seasonal vegetables." They ran out of crab shells though and gave me my dinner on garlic toast. I actually think that the substitution was better since the crab dressing was so rich and thick that it needed some bread to balance it out. I liked it in general but it was way too much food. The pilaf was great, and the vegetables were nicely seasoned. I ended up saving a third of the meal for a snack later because of how much there was. Nevertheless, its greatness did not justify the $25 I had to spend on it or the time I spent waiting on it.

One funny thing was saw was the sign for their Cajun Bloody Mary. We couldn't believe it was a real drink because it included okra, green beans, and other such craziness...but it was. Would you give it a try?