Quips & Anecdotes - Grub Crawl

Wow, I just got so excited because I saw something super awesome on my Twitter feed. Bon Appetit, the amazing food magazine, was inspired by pub crawls to create a GRUB CRAWL! They only have three cities up so far on their website for this year but can you believe it? The Los Angeles one is happening on my birthday weekend. Uh, yes please? I say that if you were planning on getting me a gift, you should contribute to the grub crawl because it's $350 for the entire weekend. I'd say that was nuts but check out the schedule and places! Who's joining me? Let's do this!

6 pm-10 pm (4 stops) - Downtown
  • Cole's
  • Umamicatessen
  • Las Perlas
  • Seven Grand
4pm-9pm (5 stops) - Hollywood/WeHo (9pm-11pm (dj/concert))
  • Mozza Scuola Di Pizza
  • Pour Vous
  • Street
  • The Spare Room
  • Night + Market
  • The Roxy
11:30am-4:30pm (5 stops) - Culver City/Venice/Abbot Kinney
  • Father's Office
  • Sunny Spot
  • Picca
  • Lukshon
  • TBD