Eatery - 320 Main (CA)

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320 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740 
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Dressy Casual | Cuisine - American

I feel like I've always how great 320 Main is through any news about amazing cocktails in the general area. Yelp's mentioned them. OC Weekly has too I believe. So I finally decided it was time to head over for their Happy Hour to see what awesome drinks they had. The interior was actually a lot more casual than I had expected. Where we ended up sitting was barely lit except for a few beams that came through the slanted slats so forgive me if my pictures seem too "dramatic." I mean, uh, I purposefully did this, yes...

Anyhow, the first thing that we actually started eating was their duck fries. What a disappointment! Honestly when we had read the description, we were beyond excited but what came out looked like normal fast food fries with some skimpy slices of duck pastrami on top and wimpy pieces of carmelized onions. 'Twas a bad first impression.

The drinks we started off with, however, were fabulous. I had the Pimm's Cup and my friend a tequila based one (I can't recall the name). I actually had been hoping that I'd get some epic pewter cup full of alcoholic wonder based on my drink's name but mine came out in a jar with some girly mint and citrus. I forgave the presentation because it was a delicious, delicious drink. I love gin. Hers was pretty awesome too.

The next out was the shrimp and scallop ceviche which was pretty darn good. Refreshing and oh so fresh in itself, this was the best of the things we had. The citrus kept everything nice and light but the chips made it all feel substantial. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our last appetizer out was the roasted sunchokes which honestly had a much more fantastic description than taste. Well the sunchokes themselves were fairly good but the dip that it came with was an awful misbehavior of flavor. To mix Old Chub ale with a fondue makes sense but topping that off with some truffle was a disaster. We didn't like that one bit.

We finished out the Happy Hour with a Gin Buck and Harvest Moon, drinks on their $5 menu for the hour. Simple but delicious, they slaked our thirst for some alcohol and helped round off the night well. I honestly wouldn't come back to 320 Main unless I were in the area and even then, it'd only be for drinks. Those appetizers didn't please us at all!