Eatery - 7 Leaves (CA)

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9786 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92844
Pricing - $ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Teas

It's about darn time I wrote a review for this place which has become one of my favorite tea places. I just hadn't for the longest time because I kept drinking the drinks before I could snag photos of them. Holding back on this one was difficult for me but I managed it for the sake of a review.

My favorite is their Sea Cream Jasmine tea, hands down. It's so creamy but light. The jasmine tea is naturally sweet and strong on its fragrance. Rarely do I have such a rich-tasting jasmine tea but 7 Leaves does it right. When I say it's my favorite drink, I mean so because I've had everything they have to offer. I'm not saying the others are bad but my preferred is this one. 

Their Mung Bean is pretty great and creamy as well as their Sea Cream Coffee. The Sunset Passion is perfect for tartness lovers. The Black Halo and Herbal Teas are very refreshing and healthy. I think that though they have what people may put down as a small selection, they have a strong selection. It's really a place for appreciating tea rather than coming for "boba" like other tea places in the area. Also, their decor is very chic and modern. I'm looking forward to seeing this place grow even more. The only downfall is that it's cash only, and I hardly ever carry cash on me!