Eatery - Thai Bamboo Bistro (CA)

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2417 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782 (The District at Tustin Legacy)
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual, Dressy Casual | Cuisine - Thai

Duc set up a double date with his friend and had asked me to find a suitable place for us to eat. I hadn't had Thai food in a while and knew that my previous boss had eaten here a lot so I looked it up on Yelp. Pretty fair ratings. Why not? The menu looked great. We went in and the ambiance was quite nice. It was like stepping into a whole other place compared to the rest of The District. I liked it.

Our drinks for the night were the Thai tea and the coconut pineapple smoothie. Thai tea was delicious but not the best I've had. It still slaked my thirst pretty well. That coconut pineapple smoothie was amazing! It tasted so pineapple-y with some bits of coconut. Also, what a huge drink it was. Very nice. 

The first thing to come out was their papaya salad. I had been craving it since I realized that I was going to get Thai food. Green papaya is oh so crunchy but not ridiculously sour. The accompanying sauce was just the right amount of savory and salty. I also greatly enjoyed the huge shrimp that came with it which was fairly plentiful in quantity.

The appetizer that we had ordered was the "rocket shrimp," basically because of the name. It was actually quite creative of a name and dish because they did look like little rockets! Shrimp with wonton wrappers wrapped around the top part made a straight "rocket" body while the bright orange tails made the rocket flames. The whole concoction was deep-fried into golden-crisp bliss. I liked the concept a whole lot but it was fairly standard in terms of fried shrimp. Still good though.

Our delicious main entree was the Massaman chicken at level 5 heat (I'm a pansy). My oh my was this some curry-licious pleasure in my mouth. The curry itself was slightly sweet but with a slow spicy burn. Smothering the rice, it was the perfect thing to coat my tongue in. The chicken was tender but not overcooked. The potatoes helped cool the burn. I loved it.

Our other entree was the "Crazy Cashew with Vegetables." It was full of some of my favorite things: mushrooms, bamboo, sugar snap peas, tofu, baby corn, and cashews. This one had a slightly tangy but spicy sauce (level 5 again!) that was light enough to make you feel the healthiness of a vegetarian dish. Love love love. I'm definitely coming back!