Eatery - El Pollo Norteno (CA)

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13185 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Mexican

I came to El Pollo Norteno because my favorite local charity, H.O.P.E., was having a fundraiser dinner there through a cash mob approach. I wanted to show my support so I went. The rules said that we had to spend at least $20 there for any donations to count. Duc and I actually had a hard time hitting that number! However, we finally settled on two entrees, a large drink and a dessert.

The medium plate for the chicken combos gave us three pieces of chicken with two sides. Rice and beans were the standard so we opted for those sides. The chicken was quite delicious and juicy inside. I liked that the seasoning on it was subtle enough to let the charbroiled taste shine through as well as the chicken's own flavor. The beans were pretty good and the rice tasty! The plate also came with flour tortillas so we could wrap our mouths around the food better.

Of the two plates, I liked the carne asada one better. The beef was well-seasoned to not be salty but still have a lot of flavor. The small side salad helped in adding to the taste of the entire plate, not to mention the tortilla to push everything together.

We also had a slice of their flan which was too sweet. The horchata was fairly standard but still good. I'd say we ought to come back some time when a big dinner isn't happening just to see how quality stands up on an everyday basis. After all, some people might amp up their items when they know they'll be seeing a lot of faces!