Eatery - Zankou Chicken (CA)

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2424 W Ball Rd, Ste S, Anaheim, CA 92804
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Middle Eastern, Mediterranean

I needed a meet-up place with a friend so decided to pick something off my Yelp bookmarks that was somewhat near the freeway. Others had suggested Zankou Chicken to me before so we opted to go here. It was a pretty neat looking place. Surprisingly it was a bit hard to choose from their menu despite that there weren't very many different types of meats. I guess this comes from wanting to have everything. Eventually we settled on our dishes.

I was with Duc who got the Chicken Tarma plate, a hefty portion of their chicken with greens, yogurt, and hummus. It was very juicy and well-flavored. I enjoyed having the yogurt with the pita bread.


My choices were a side of hummus with plenty of pita bread. While their pita was warm, it wasn't very good in my opinion. I found it harder to chew than other pita I've had. The hummus, however, was very smooth and well done. My main dish was the falafel wrap which they had forgotten to give us the first time around. When I finally got it, I was a tad disappointed by the falafel because it was a tad dry but the yogurt, again, was a fantastic sauce. My friend had a combination steak and chicken plate that had out-of-this-world steak though. I'd have to try the other menu items a second time before adequately assessing it all.