Eatery - Rose Pistola at the Saturday Farmers Market (CA)

Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA 94111 (Neighborhood: Embarcadero)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - American

We had wanted to go to Mama's for breakfast considering the high ratings on Yelp but when we got there and saw that the line wrapped around, we figured we'd get our breakfast at the Farmers Market that we were heading towards anyhow. Luckily Yelp helped us find breakfast in the area which happened to be one of the booths at the Farmers Market itself. There was a long-ish line there already (usually a good sign!). Apparently Rose Pistola is a brick-and-mortar restaurant located in North Beach which decided to set up a booth at the Farmers Market on Saturdays.

I decided to go with the breakfast & eggs part of the menu; my choice was the plate of wild mushroom scramble with Stracchino cheese and basil. Nicely enough, the egg breakfasts also came with toast and roasted potatoes/peppers/onions. I quite liked mine because there was quite an abundance of wild mushrooms in my eggs. The cheese wasn't nearly as detectable as I would have liked nor the basil but the potatoes were delectable and many. Duc got the grilled flank steak sandwich with carmelized onions & Bleu cheese. We both agreed that the cheese was quite overwhelming and took away from the other flavors of the sandwich. However, the steak was done well and deliciously (once we had scraped off the cheese). Delicious breakfast that had us both quite full but man, wish we could've had a bigger stomach for the other things at the Farmers Market!

Following delicious pictures taken by Duc: